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2024/05/09 OCP VC FUND

Invests in Wisdomise: Swiss based AI-powered crypto wealth management

Invests in Wisdomise: Swiss based AI-powered crypto wealth management

O-DE Capital Partners (‘OCP’), a ‘Web 2.5’ fund, has invested in Wisdomise, a startup providing an AI-powered curated intelligence platform for investment opportunities in digital assets.

OCP formally announces its Pre-Series A investment into Wisdomise, led by CEO Dr. Fardad Zand. Wisdomise is an AI company that allows crypto enthusiasts, active traders, and passive investors access proprietary information and premium signals to help them manage their portfolio risk and improve their investment performance in digital financial markets. The company has offices in Dubai, Tallinn, and soon in Taiwan, with market penetration in APAC and MENA regions. OCP has been part of the Wisdomise family since September 2023 and supporting Asia-Pacific regional growth.

The team has secured $9.5 million to-date, including backers from Chainlink Labs, SingularityDAO, VentureSouq, Pontinova Invest, and Cetacean Capital.

Wisdomise is democratizing wealth creation with its product, Athena; an AI-powered digital-asset investment advisor, as part of its platform providing an all-in-one AI-powered assistant offering users curated intelligence for cryptocurrency knowledge, and automated wealth management of digital assets.

The Swiss-regulated company is comprised of a team of PhDs from MIT, international Olympiads, and an advisory board comprised of execs from BlackRock, McKinsey, Morgan Stanley, Du Telecom, Uber, and others.

Traditionally, access to financial products like passive investments and wealth management opportunities were the mainstay of the wealthy due to high minimum capital requirements and exclusivity within particular circles. In recency, inclusiveness of such opportunities have improved, but many remain unbanked, and an even lesser fraction have access to structured financial products or passive investment opportunities.

Wisdomise aims to solve this problem for both active and passive investors, passive investors in two ways:
1 — reducing knowledge gaps by offering curated & structured intelligence; and,
2 — leveraging AI for both automated wealth management and education via conversation finance (‘CF’).

Wisdomise believes AI and CF represent technological paradigm shifts in wealth management, aligning with OCP’s Web 2.5 thesis of on-boarding the next billion users into Web3 by building the bridges to democratize typically-exclusive access to higher-yield TradFi opportunities.

Wisdomise’s business model operates on a hybrid freemium structure, where free and premium features are available on a flat-fee subscription offer. The company also has its own native token, $WSDM, which possess multi-utilities within the ecosystem.

We welcome Wisdomise to the O-DE family.

O-DE Capital Partners (‘OCP’) is a Web2.5 venture capital investing in “Web3 grounded in reality”. Our investment thesis envisions Web3 & Web2 existing side-by-side to unlock scalable value for its intended users: people. OCP invests worldwide and supports its portfolio to enter APAC markets.

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